Throughout the school year, the UGHS Band presents a variety of fundraising projects for our parents and students. These projects are designed to support three areas:

  • Assist our band families in meeting any financial obligations associated with participating in the band
  • Meet the budgetary needs of the total band program (purchasing music, purchasing or maintaining instruments, etc.)
  • Allow the band to raise money for special events and trips.

Each fundraising project has specific dates and procedures associated with it.

All students in the band program have an account to track any money that student (or family) contributes to the band. That money can be used for any band-related expenses such as marching band or color guard fees, Honor Band/All State auditions, concert tuxes or dresses, band trips and other programs. Most fundraisers are structured so that part of the money a student raises goes to his or her personal account and part to the general band fund.

The challenges and opportunities of a large and growing band program like ours are many. The UGHS Band relies almost exclusively on the monies raised and donated to the band for its operation. Therefore, the participation of all of our students and parents in our fundraising efforts is vital to ensuring that each band student has the best band experience possible.

For more information on fundraising or to help with any of the programs, please contact the Vice President/Fundraising Coordinator.

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